Best Baddies

Cartoon Pilot

As part of the Nickelodeon Animated Shorts program, Best Baddies is an acclaimed film by Max Wittert in which Mighty collaborated with all the animation, visual effects and composition.

Credits Mighty:

Direction: Nick Sumida
Executive Producers: Luispa Salmón, Claudio Jiménez
Producer: Jamie Goss
Production Assistant: Katie Pambuku
Production Coordinator: Joshua Hoskison
Production Manager: Dasha Khailova, Juan Sotelo
Line Producer: Amanda Czermak
Script: Max Witter
Cast: Ana Mulvoy-Ten, Jessica Dicicco, Della Saba, Kyla Pratt
Art Direction: Frank Rocco
Editorial: Hugo Morales, Pablo Orta
Storyboard: Max Witter
Background Design: Arianna García
Animation Supervisor: Julio Pacheco
Compositing Supervisor: Lucio Gutierrez