A Little Grey

Short Film

A close relationship with our english partners Beakus, brought to life this beautiful short film about life and family. With a british story and concept, it was mighty's job to explore the universe visually and design the world and the characters that live in it.

Credits Mighty:

Direction: Steve Smith, Simon Hewitt
Executive Producers: Steve Smith
Producer: Juan Sotelo
Writer: Tony Gardner
Psychiatrist: Richard Attle
Script: Stuart Royall
Concept: Simon Hewitt
Art Direction: Luispa Salmón
Character Design: Melissa Ballesteros, Luispa Salmón, Aida Sofía Barba
Background Design: Hector Guerrero, Aida Sofía Barba, Arianna García, Ricardo Ruesga, Erika Caballero, Luispa Salón
Animation Director: Raúl Fregoso
Animation Production Assistant: Daniel Espinoza, Mariko Sanchéz
3D Animation: Raúl Fregoso, Favian Fregoso, Yibran Rachis
Rigging: Raúl Fregoso
Modeling: Ancelmo Toledo
Rendering Supervisor: Claudio Jiménez
Compositing: Claudio Jiménez, Fernando Suárez, Ricardo Ruesga, Daniel Espinoza
Audio Design & Music: Marian Mentrup
Production Manager: Laura Thomas