Viking Tales

Cartoon pilot

The acclaimed winner of 2016's Ideatoon, a property developed by mighty's own Ivanobich Verduzco that follows the adventures of four millennial viking friends. Right now, they live in two and a half minute shorts in collaboration with Cartoon Network Latin América. mighty is in charge of the entirety of this project, from script to screen.

Credits Mighty:

Director: Ivanobich Verduzco
Executive Producers: Luis Patricio Salmón & Claudio Jiménez
Production manager: Juan Sotelo
Producer: Nicole Verdugo
Script: Evally Aguila, Humberto Irigoyen
Editorial: Claudio Jimenez
Art Supervisor: Arianna Garcia
Storyboard: Melissa Ballesteros, Evally Águila
Animation Supervisor: Ivanobich Verduzco
Compositing: Lucio Gutierrez