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Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco. (Remote/freelance)
Department: Animation.
Position: Animator (2D Cutout).

Once the Setup Artists have finished putting the rig and scene together, the Animator will give life and movement to the character! You will have to modify the timing and spacing of each scene so that each action is portrayed according to the animatic.


  • Look for solutions for quick movements, asset substitution, motion tweens and deformations.
  • Give movements to a character by modifying timing and spacing of each scene so that it works in context with the animatic or tie down.
  • Use the animation principles.

    Our ideal candidate:

  • I s experienced in production (3 years).
  • Has medium to advanced ToonBoom Harmony knowledge.
  • Has knowledge of the 2D animation pipeline.
  • Can find quick solutions.
  • Knows and can use the animation principles.
  • Is open to constructive criticism and has a positive Attitude.

    We know in order to achieve excellence in your craft, it is important to love what you do.

    Why work at Mighty Animation:

    All over the world there?s people collaborating with us. Employees are able to work from home in a remote, freelance contract, or in-house in a fixed contract. We are all connected through Shotgun and Slack, this way you can be in touch with all of the members of the crew during working hours, despite your location.

    Our clients are some of the top names in the international animation industry.

    We have a great team of professionals and experienced people that will help to improve your skills. We?re always trying to create the best work environment possible, allowing all our new members to improve and reach their next level. We want you to come on board and help us bring all our new projects to life.

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